The Best GPS Tracking Devices for Children 201

As children grow older, they become more curious and can begin to wander around here and there, especially when they travel. But it can also be a nightmare for parents who almost have heart attacks when they don’t know where their child is. But it is not always possible to pay to keep your attention focused on your child or to keep it close to you at all times. So we’ve given you the best GPS tracking device for kids that will help you know exactly where your child has ventured. The children grow up, become more curious, and begin to wander here and especially when you travel. But it can also be a nightmare for parents who almost have heart attacks when they don’t know where their child is. But it is not always possible to pay to keep your attention focused on your child or to keep it close to you at all times.   So, here we have given the best GPS tracking device for the kids that will help find out exactly where your little one went venturing.

  1. FamiSafe Kid Tracker

FamiSafe is the best GPS tracker for children that allows parents to keep their child under surveillance at all times. If your children have an Android or iOS smartphone, you can use the FamiSafe monitoring tool to turn their smartphones into child tracking devices.


Track the GPS location in real time.

Also, check the target’s position history.

Check the target’s web browsing history.

Block applications and websites.


Does not require rooting or jailbreaking of target papermakers.

You can follow the location remotely.

Easy to use.


Its free version has limited tracking features.

  1. AngelSense Guardian

AngelSense Guardian is one of the best GPS trackers for children available in two variants. But both are much better than the other child tracers.


You can get automatic defenses.

Set alerts for when your children arrive or leave a particular place.

Runner Mode to get updates every 10 seconds.


It supports geofence alerts

Detailed position history

An unlimited number of geofences

Listen to the child’s environment

Very durable


Expensive compared to others

Not watertight

  1. PocketFinder GPS Child Tracker

PocketFinder is a very durable, reliable, and secure GPS tracking device for children, easy to use for parents and children.


Alerts can be sent by typing three times on the surface.

Receive alerts when leaving the geofenced

Updates location every two minutes.


Unlimited security Zones.

Both waterproof and very durable.

Record log activity for up to 60 days.


It doesn’t have to call

Not clumsy when worn on the bracelet.

  1. Trax Play GPS Tracker

Trax Play GPS Tracker is another child tracking device that is small but equipped with compelling features.


Augmented reality function to easily follow your child’s direction.

Can be put in a pocket or worn on a belt

App is compatible with Android and iOS.


Draw geofences in any shape.

I have augmented reality features.



No call function.

Small battery.

No panic or SOS Alert.

  1. LG GizmoPal 2

LG GizmoPal 2 is a child tracker that has a bidirectional call function and uses Verizon’s network.


It has funny ringtones, sounds, and a voice prompt.

Simple one-button call function.

You can schedule position updates throughout the day.

Supports geofencing.


Affordable monthly subscription.

Bidirectional call function.

Nine days battery back-up

Easily carried on the wrist.


No automatic site updates.

Lack of SOS Alerts.

  1. Lineable GPS Tracker for Kids

Lineable is simple and easy to wear tracking device shaped GPS for children that uses Bluetooth to track your child’s locations.


Use Bluetooth connectivity.

Crowdsourcing GPS allows you to track your children with other phones of the Lineable user.

His battery lasts a year.

Available in various sizes.


Very affordable.

No monthly subscription.

Long battery life.


The entire device must be replaced when the battery is exhausted.

Limited range due to Bluetooth connectivity.

Lack of live tracking functionality.

  1. Kidsport GPS Tracking Band

It is one of the best child tracking devices that allow parents to track their children using both GPS and T-Mobile.


Get site updates every 5 minutes.

Supports geofence alerts, SOS Alerts and device deletion alerts.

The battery lasts 24 hours.


He’s waterproof.

Receive alerts when the child removes follow-up.

Records activity information.


Geofences limited to 2 locations only.

Limited updates to the free manual site.

Available in only two sizes, not adjustable.

  1. FiLIP 2 Child Tracking Device

FiLIP 2 is a GPS tracker for children which is equipped with a bi-directional call function as well as a one-way text function for easy tracking of children


It has a text message function from parent to child.

Create geofences around certain places.

Automatically call each contact when the SOS button is pressed until someone answers.

The SOS function sends a record of the child that automatically surrounds it.


Simple and user-friendly Application.

Recording automatically surrounding by pressing the SOS button.

Low battery alert.

Unidirectional Support


Limited security Zones.

Localization updates are rare.


  1. My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag uses Bluetooth technology to track your children and alerts them if the child goes beyond their reach.


Alerts when the device is held in the water for more than 10 seconds.

Three alert modes.


No monthly subscription.

A one-year battery life.

Cannot be easily removed by children.


Limited scope.

The device must be replaced after the battery

  1. Tinitell GPS Tracking Device for Kids

Tinitell is a portable bracelet designed child tracking device that comes with Call features voice recognition, and GPS tracking live.


Call and say the name of the contact.

It is not limited to a single SIM supplier.


Bidirectional call function.

Voice recognition function.

It can be used with any network provider.


No SOS button.

No security zones.

It can be a scary experience when you go on a trip and find that your child is nowhere to be found. To ensure that such an incident does not recur when your child is in the habit of wandering, you can use the GPS tracking device for children to locate their location. But these child tracers require additional devices and cost a lot of money on monthly fees. These devices cannot be used for teenage children so you can use FamiSafe to track your teen’s smartphone location. FamiSafe is one of the Best Child Tracking Devices for parents to track their children. So download and install the FamiSafe app to start tracking your child’s location.