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StreetPilot 2820 – Garmin adds Bluetooth support and emphasizes dual-use (for cars and motorcycles).

StreetPilot c550 – This new c-series model adds Bluetooth support, SiRF, and includes a TMC traffic receiver.

StreetPilot c530 – a new c-series model with SiRF but fewer features than c550


RoadMate 3000T – All new physical design and more sensitive GPS reception; optional traffic data receiver


GO 510 – Larger sceen, improved GPS reception, and an iPod hookup. GO510 is similar to the GO 910, but without European maps, spoken street names, or a built-in MP3 player.


nuvi 360 – yet another new model with Bluetooth

GO 910 – TomTom’s new flagship model has a larger screen, entertainment features, and maps for the US, Canada and Europe.


RoadMate 300R – This less expensive model comes with maps for just one region and targets buyers who usually stay close to home.

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