RoadMate 3000T has a newer physical design and a more sensitive GPS receiver than older RoadMate models. It can also use data from an optional traffic data receiver.

RoadMate 3000T shares many features in common with RoadMate 800, 3050T & 6000T:

  • built-in battery
  • MP3 player / photo viewer
  • SD memory slot

Unlike RoadMate 6000T, the 3000T does not include Bluetooth phone connectivity or spoken street names.


More Details

The RoadMate 3000T has a nice glare-resistant display. It’s about the same size as screens on most similarly priced models.

RoadMate 3000T has a 4GB internal hard drive, with ample space for maps and POI data covering much of North America. The built-in POI database includes plenty of entries and compares well to other similarly priced models.

Music and picture files can be read from SD memory cards (not included). Custom POIs are read from the internal hard disk. The included software doesn’t allow you to save music and pictures to the internal hard drive.

The built-in music player and picture viewer are basic but functional. RoadMate 3000T can handle MP3 and WMA files. However, it cannot be used for navigation while playing music or showing pictures.



  • 50 US states
  • Puerto Rico
  • Canada
  • US Virgin Islands

What’s Included

The RoadMate 3000T we purchased came in a sturdy box. Inside, we found the following items:

  • RoadMate 3000T GPS receiver
  • suction mount (attaches to windshield) & an adapter clip to hold the 3000T
  • vehicle power cord (plugs into a cigarette lighter)
  • Quick Reference Guide (printed on a long fold-out sheet)
  • CD-ROM with documentation (Adobe PDF file)
  • CD-ROM with software tools (Music Manager, Picture Manager, Custom POI Manager)
  • USB cable (connects the 3000T to a PC)
  • alcohol wipe & instructions for cleaning your windshield for the suction mount
  • an additional page with information on how to purchase accessories

The RoadMate 3000T doesn’t include an AC power adapter, but it’s able to run from an internal battery that’s charged from your vehicle. This arrangement is workable for occasional hookups to a PC. However, selling the AC adapter as an accessory strikes me as a little stingy for a unit in this price range.

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