RoadMate 300R includes detail maps for just one region (Western US, Central US, Eastern US, or Canada). Additional map regions can be purchased separately on pre-loaded SD memory cards.

RoadMate 300 or 360 might be a better choice for people who drive in more than one region. RoadMate 300R, 300 & 360 have similar features and are Magellan’s most basic models for vehicle navigation.


More Details

The 300R has a nice sized display, but it’s glossy and reflects sunlight more than the glare-resistant screens on some of Magellan’s higher priced models. When shaded from strong sunlight, it’s very usable, and it’s much bigger than the tiny screen on Garmin’s inexpensive i-series models.

RoadMate 300R’s POI database is relatively small, with most of its detail concentrated in travel-oriented categories like Restaurants, Banks, Gas Stations, and Hotels. Don’t expect to find a lot of data in the Businesses or Shopping categories.

Interestingly, all of the labels on the unit itself show “RoadMate 300” rather than “RoadMate 300R”. The only thing that’s labeled 300R is the box.



Special Notes
  • includes just one of four regions, pre-loaded on a SD memory card
  • additional regions can be purchased separately
  • The unit also has a base map that shows major highways in the United States and Canada. It also shows the location of key cities around the world.

What’s Included

The unit I purchased came in a sealed plastic package that needed to be cut open. Inside, I found these items:

  • RoadMate 300 GPS receiver with a pre-loaded SD card (my unit came with data for the Western United States)
  • suction mount (attaches to the windshield)
  • 12v power adapter (plugs into your vehicle)
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Documentation CD-ROM (Adobe PDF file)
  • alcohol wipe & instructions for cleaning your windshield for the suction mount
  • a couple additional pages showing contact information and accessories that are available for the unit.

There is no AC power adapter included. The unit has a USB port, but no cable is included. No software tools are included.

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